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Royalty Free Music Description

Twisted|Clubmix2 (10 songs; 65 tracks total) brings more of the sounds of modern nightlife...dominated by pulsing, hard electronic rhythms and driven by shimmering synth arpeggios and melodic leads. The tempo is upbeat and motivating, grooving around 140 bpm.

The following 65 items are included in this collection. Click Preview to listen, or the name of the item for more detailed information.

 And There Will Be (4:06) And There Will Be (:15)
 And There Will Be (:30) And There Will Be (:60)
 And There Will Be (Loop 1) And There Will Be (Loop 2)
 And There Will Be (Loop 3) And There Will Be (Loop 4)
 Arctic Sunlight (3:22) Arctic Sunlight (:15)
 Arctic Sunlight (:30) Arctic Sunlight (:60)
 Arctic Sunlight (Loop 1) Arctic Sunlight (Loop 2)
 Artificial Emotions (3:16) Artificial Emotions (:15)
 Artificial Emotions (:30) Artificial Emotions (:60)
 Artificial Emotions (Loop 1) Artificial Emotions (Loop 2)
 Clublife (:30) Clublife (:15)
 Critical Mass (4:26) Critical Mass (:15)
 Critical Mass (:30) Critical Mass (:60)
 Critical Mass (Loop 1) Critical Mass (Loop 2)
 I am the Master Remix (3:34) I am the Master Remix (:15)
 I am the Master Remix (:30) I am the Master Remix (:60)
 I am the Master Remix (Loop 1) I am the Master Remix (Loop 2)
 I am the Master Remix (Loop 3) Knots (3:46)
 Knots (:15) Knots (:30)
 Knots (:60) Knots (Loop 1)
 Knots (Loop 2) Little By Little (3:28)
 Little By Little (:15) Little By Little (:30)
 Little By Little (:60) Little By Little (Loop 1)
 Little By Little (Loop 2) Rising Sun (3:29)
 Rising Sun (:15) Rising Sun (:30)
 Rising Sun (:60) Rising Sun (Loop 1)
 Rising Sun (Loop 2) Seventh Prayer (4:24)
 Seventh Prayer (:15) Seventh Prayer (:30)
 Seventh Prayer (:60) Seventh Prayer (Loop 1)
 Seventh Prayer (Loop 2) Tenth Dimension (2:52)
 Tenth Dimension (:15) Tenth Dimension (:30)
 Tenth Dimension (:60) Tenth Dimension (Loop 1)
 Tenth Dimension (Loop 2)

Royalty Free Music License

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Uncompressed 48k AIF, 44.1k WAV or MP3 Download; Length: 57.2 Minutes

Synth  Loops  Samples  Electronic Drums  Voice  Piano 

Electronic  Techno  Dance  Club 

Hard  Groovy  Fast  Energetic  Dancing 

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