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Cinematic Soundscapes Organized by Scene Type.

Here in the Royalty Free Soundtrack section at, you’ll find thousands of royalty free music downloads that paint an audio picture like none other to set any scene. Our royalty free soundtrack music library features royalty free sound tracks that will bring your work to life.

Pick an emotion. Choose a situation. Our bet is your mind instantly cues up a small audio sample and runs with it. Music personifies feeling, and we’ve captured that in a wide range of royalty free audio tracks to set the mood just right. Royalty free classical tracks will whisk audiences away and royalty free love music will reel them back in. Royalty free loops of playful, cartoony sounds and drum beats of militaristic settings are just some of the variety that can be found in this section.

There’s endless variation in royalty free music, so if what your looking for isn’t in this section try searching our royalty free world music, royalty free ambient music, or royalty free rock music sections. is dedicated to bringing you the absolute most royalty free stock music possible.

Action Music for high-energy adventure and chase scenes

B-Movie The soundtrack to tragically bad cinema

Cartoon Comic scores for light-hearted humorous scenes

Classical Traditional orchestrated pieces

Dramatic Defining the moment of loss...sad and tragic.

Exotic Otherworldly vibes and grooves

Fantasy Soundscapes of the imagination

Grandeur Magnanimous displays of power, glory and pain.

Horror The aural fixation of scary, fear and psychosis

Interlude Music to accompany transitional scenes

Military Traditional military and battle elegies

Peaceful Music evoking a sense of peace and tranquility.

Release For the happy resolution where all is good

Romantic Soundtracks for love and romance

Sad Themes of loss and longing

Sci-fi Perfect scores for alien abductions

Tension Music to accompany a mystery or suspense scene.

Uplifting Themes of joy and victory

Epic Royalty Free Epic Music

Mysterious Royalty Free Mysterious Music

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