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Royalty Free Music Description

(11 songs; 67 tracks total)
Soundtrack|Passion is a collection of music from various genres with one thing in common: the sounds of passion. Sometimes dramatic and beautiful, sometimes rather cheeky, but all evoking that certain, often indescribable feeling. Instrumentation is varied as is tempo.

The following 67 items are included in this collection. Click Preview to listen, or the name of the item for more detailed information.

 Divine Feelings (2:31) Divine Feelings (:15)
 Divine Feelings (:30) Divine Feelings (:60)
 Divine Feelings (Loop 1) Divine Feelings (Loop 2)
 Divine Feelings (Loop 3) Divine Feelings (Loop 4)
 Dreaming of You (1:23) Dreaming of You (:15)
 Dreaming of You (:30) Dreaming of You (:60)
 Dreaming of You (Loop 1) Dreaming of You (Loop 2)
 Droplets (:51) Droplets (:15)
 Droplets (:30) Droplets (Loop 1)
 Droplets (Loop 2) Forgotten Pleasure (3:06)
 Forgotten Pleasure (:15) Forgotten Pleasure (:30)
 Forgotten Pleasure (:60) Forgotten Pleasure (Loop 1)
 Forgotten Pleasure (Loop 2) Grassy Banks (3:01)
 Grassy Banks (:15) Grassy Banks (:30)
 Grassy Banks (:60) Grassy Banks (Loop 1)
 Grassy Banks (Loop 2) Late Sax (2:23)
 Late Sax (:15) Late Sax (:30)
 Late Sax (:60) Late Sax (Loop 1)
 Late Sax (Loop 2) Rich Affectations (2:07)
 Rich Affectations (:15) Rich Affectations (:30)
 Rich Affectations (:60) Rich Affectations (Loop 1)
 Rich Affectations (Loop 2) Secret Allures (3:15)
 Secret Allures (:15) Secret Allures (:30)
 Secret Allures (:60) Secret Allures (Loop 1)
 Secret Allures (Loop 2) Secret Allures Slow (3:16)
 Secret Allures Slow (:15) Secret Allures Slow (:30)
 Secret Allures Slow (:60) Secret Allures Slow (Loop 1)
 Secret Allures Slow (Loop 2) Steve on Sax (2:07)
 Steve on Sax (:15) Steve on Sax (:30)
 Steve on Sax (:60) Steve on Sax (Loop 1)
 Steve on Sax (Loop 2) Strangers Impressions (1:45)
 Strangers Impressions (:15) Strangers Impressions (:30)
 Strangers Impressions (:60) Strangers Impressions (Loop 1)
 Strangers Impressions (Loop 2)

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Piano  Choir  Voice  Strings  Oboe  Cello  Flute  Harp  Tympani  Synth  Electric Guitar  Sound Effects  Samples  Loops  Electronic Drums  Percussion 

Soundtrack  Dramatic 

Anxious  Brooding  Dark  Dramatic  Dreamy  Eerie  Haunting  Solemn  Strange 

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